“Dr. Baillie has given us a realistic book about life and death. It will comfort many and sober up some.”

Michael Youssef, PhD
Author of “The Leadership Style of Jesus”
Founding Pastor, Church of the Apostles, Atlanta, GA

Make the Best Use of Your Time

Time is a gift. As we live this life and go on toward death, we have a progressive knowledge that our lives have served some definite purpose. Sometimes, however, it seems just as this new life in Christ has sprouted, takes root, grows and matures in us, we also begin to lose our vitality, much like dying green summer leaves become autumn leaves. While our time is a purposeful and useful gift from God, it is also just a pixel in the whole picture of the history of His universe.

When we die, there will be a period of time people will remember us, just like the once green but now colored leaves on the ground. For, unless we have a penchant for genealogy, most of us only know a few details of the what, why, or even the when of our grandparents, and almost nothing,—often not even the names, of our great-grandparents. In this book, we see how death can take away our time on earth, but, at the same time; while some of our time on this earth is remembered, like the rotting leaves, the specifics of that time will soon be forgotten.

But we also know, through our death, the Lord has a purpose for each of us to provide the next generation with spiritual nourishment. Just because our lives, and even our deaths, will likely not be remembered by future generations, it does not take away the responsibility we have to spend our given time for Kingdom work. God is in charge of how we will nourish the coming generations. As death grows closer, we increasingly know how precious time is. Spending time with others, especially our families and fellow believers; encouraging them with the truth of the gospel, will make the little time we have on the earth count eternally.

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Excerpt From Chapter 1

I am frequently intrigued by the idea that time is both relative and exact. Our days are often ruled by the precise measure of time, sometimes down to a few seconds. A constant (more…)

Message To The Reader

Message To The Reader
I have used the term “death takes time” not only for my title but also several times in this preface. Now is a good time to make sure the reader does not think I am giving death any (more…)

About The Author

Dr. Gene Baillie grew up in rural Nebraska, the oldest of six children and the first member of his family to attend college. He and Gini were married during his first year of medical school. (more…)

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